New Vertere Magneto MM Phono cartridge

Vertere announces the launch of their Magneto MM Phono cartridge, this cartridge will be available as a

stand alone product and standard fit for the DG-1 Turntable in their “plug & play” package.

"it is tolerant of records in less than perfect condition which may be the case with owners returning to vinyl after many years absence. Magneto however is superbly musical and delivers all the qualities one would expect of a Vertere product. Magneto is quiet, dynamic, accurate, and easy to optimise." - Vertere

Key Features

  • Replaceable Stylus

  • Integrated Stylus Guard

  • Stainless Steel Fixing Bolts, Washer & Hex Thumb Nuts

  • Easy Alignment Assist Marking

Key Design Elements

  • The Dual Magnet design replicates the structure of the cutter head.

  • A ‘V’ form two magnet design mimics the Left & Right channel sides of the groove.

  • Permalloy centre shield plate, provides a higher frequency response and exceptional channel separation – better than 40dB.

  • Magneto utilises a finely finished Elliptical stylus to ensure outstanding tracking ability and superquiet tracing of the record groove.