Review: Gold Note DS-10 Streamer DAC & Integrated Amplifier

NEW REVIEW + BEST BUY AWARD FOR DS-10 DAC 4 in 1 Thanks to Chris Kelly of the Magazine "The Ear" for the review and the "Best Buy" Award.

"I have no hesitation in recommending this Gold Note DS-10 as a DAC/Streamer, with the added bonus of a more than competent headphone amplifier on board. At its current price point it will outperform many competitive products , even much more costly ones. When you then remember that it will also act as digital preamplifier, it begins to look like a veritable bargain. I am really intrigued to hear it with the matching PA-10 amplifier, or better still a pair of them acting as monoblocs – I think we may have a giant killer in our midst."

Review by Chris Kelly from The Ear Magazine, March 2020

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