Living Voice Auditorium IBX RW3 Speakers
  • Living Voice Auditorium IBX RW3 Speakers

    Living Voice Auditorium IBX RW3 Speakers



    RW3 is the top model in the range, available with either inboard (IBX) or outboard (OBX) crossovers.

    The IBX-RW3 inboard crossover variant has the advantage of a closer coupling of the crossover filters to the drivers. This gives a marginally tighter presentation and a slightly more determined, urgent feel. There is shape and texture across the full frequency range and the bass performance is deep and rich with scale, authority and ease. With a near perfect balance of size, bandwidth, efficiency and tonal refinement this is the choice of the serious music lover when domestic considerations rule out having external crossovers.


    Design Rationale: Auditorium Series.

    The Auditorium R25A is the base model in the Auditorium Series followed by the Avatar 3, IBX-R3, IBX-RW3 and OBX-RW3.

    All share our favoured MTM (mid, treble, mid) driver configuration, which offers performance advantages over both a simple 2-way design and the more complex but less elegant 3-way option. The MTM topology possesses a more symmetrical polar and more even power response, as well as superior phase characteristics. Factor in higher sensitivity and lower intermodulation distortion and you have an elegant solution even before you design the crossover – a true Occam’s Razor approach. Presenting an easy load and a genuine 94dB sensitivity, each Auditorium model allows class A valve electronics to shine, bringing music to life with verve and vitality.

    The elegantly proportioned cabinets and small footprint of the Auditorium Series conceal a meticulous, obsessive approach to the complex problems of loudspeaker design. The Auditorium’s unobstructive natural qualities cut straight to the heart of the musical performance. There is a common DNA from the Avatar R3 up with degrees of refinement, precision of component tolerancing, and overall component quality increasing significantly as you ascend through the range.

    In 30 years of loudspeaker development, Living Voice has evolved to the point where a