The crown jewel of the Mingus series offers the strength and clarity that only Diamond drivers can. We forged our current design and technology in a beautifully formed Mingus cabinet. Employing technology and design cues from Coltrane and Heritage, it bridges the gap between both. With pure Diamond drivers and first order crossover technology, it’s a 4-way speaker of elite standing.


    Mingus sits squarely between the Coltrane and Heritage series. You can have Coltrane-level sound without restructuring your living space. With hybrid qualities; bursting underneath is power and control tempered by sophisticated design.


    We use Jorma Design internal wiring, for its exemplary quality and performance. Handmade in Sweden, the cables use separate + and – for enhanced shielding and the highest quality Copper.

    This offers natural, transparent sound; the perfect choice for our speakers.

    Cables are integral components, so they must work harmoniously with our precision design and build. Jorma Design delivers exactly what a Marten speaker demands.


    Optional upgrade: Jorma Design Statement