REL AirShip transmiter
  • REL AirShip transmiter

    REL AirShip transmiter


    Airship™ is our newest state of the art zero compression wireless connection for use with the latest Serie S and many more RELs to come. Our goal with this design is to wirelessly deliver a hardwired quality connection.

    Designed for 212/SX, S/510 and S/812. Compatible with G1 MK II.

    AirShip can also be used for high or low level and .1/LFE wireless connections for subwoofers from other manufacturers.

    Only the 212/SX, S/510 and S/812 are designed to have the receiver bolt onto the back amp panel.


    AirShip Wireless Connectivity


    We have prided ourselves on our ability to deliver extremely high levels of sound quality and rock solid wireless connect