SOtM sPA-1000
  • SOtM sPA-1000

    SOtM sPA-1000


     A power amplifier is an essential device for configuring audio systems with its role in the process of operating the speakers. From the introduction of the vacuum tube to the establishment of the class D amplifier currently called the digital amplifier, the amplification technology for amplifiers has dramatically evolved.

     Although some believe that digital amplifiers are insufficient as high-end audio devices, based on SOtM’s unique technologies, the sPA-1000 will be the one that can break this bias.

     Since we designed the Class D amplifier module for the sPA-1000, which is not like most Class D amplifiers that use the ready-made modules by a few amplifier module companies, it means that the sPA-1000 is inherently different from others, and can outperform them.

     In particular, the sPA-1000 uses power stabilization technology (pumping reducer technology) on the power circuit which removes the power pumping phenomenon – when playing music on the speaker, the electromotive force is generated and it changes the power voltage-, and with this special power circuit, the sound can become more natural and bring out more details. Most of all, you can play music with very precise low and mid-high ranges. 

     In addition, from the input stage to the speaker output stage, a fully balanced circuit has been applied to withstand the noise from inside and from outside the product.

     Such special technologies applied to the sPA-1000 are the great advantage of products which are barely found in any other D class amplifier. These techniques will give you a chance to get closer to the essence of music by clearly expressing the nuances of the performers’ playing.

     The SOtM’s Ultimate products are completed with a simple and modern design that have been verified through multiple design awards, the full ultimate system can be perfectly composed to enjoy the best sound with perfect shapes.

    • Specifications

      Key Features

      • Ultimate Stereo power amplifier
      • Full balanced Class D Amplifier
      • Balanced Unbalanced Input


      User interface
        Operating indicator LED x1
        Standby switch(Front panel)
        AC power input on/off switch(Rear panel)
      Analog input
        Unbalanced input x1
          Max input voltage 2Vrms
          Input impedance : > 10kΩ
        Balanced input x1
          Max input voltage TDB
          Input impedance : > 10kΩ
        All balanced circuit
        High end audio grade component
      Amplifier output
        Custom design class-D amplifier
        High precision amplifier power regulator
        Power supply active noise canceller
        Channels : 2 (Bridge tied load)
        Power output : 200W@4 ohm / channel
        Frequency response : 20 ~ 40KHz
        THD+N : 0.05% > @ 1W, 8 ohm
        SNR : TBD
        Dynamic range : TBD
        Input sensitivity : TBD
        Output short protection
        Over temperature protection
      Trigger in/out
        3.5mm audio jack in / out
        12V/0.2A max
      AC power input
        Voltage : 220Vac ~ 240Vac / 100Vac ~ 120Vac
        Frequency : 50Hz / 60Hz
        Current : 3A / 6A
        High current toroidal power transformer
      Operating environment
        Operating temperature : +10 ~ +30℃
        Storage temperature : 0 ~ +40℃
        Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%
        360 x 84 x 255(mm)
        7.5 Kg >