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TAOC CSR-1S D/L Amp Stand

The pinnacle of audio racks represents the culmination of TAOC’s vibration damping and oscillation control technologies.

TAOC’s flagship series of racks, the CSR series, inherits and builds on the performance of the CS series, a favorite among audiophiles for 15 years. The meticulous design and beautiful balance they form with your audio equipment, as well as the tranquility created through TAOC’s vibration damping and oscillation controlling technologies, elevate the quality of your audio to new heights.


  • Shelf board sizes were determined to achieve the perfect balance with your equipment and also deliver great aesthetic appeal as a rack.
  • They have been styled to look their best when placed side by side.
  • Poles were positioned to facilitate handling of your equipment.

Ease of use

  • Easy-assembly construction.
  • Choose the shelf board spacing and the number of rack shelves to suit your equipment.
  • The leg construction was designed to facilitate the moving of your rack.


  • Poles are filled with cast iron powder.


Cast iron powder

  • The shelf board comprises a five-layer construction with a cast-iron-powder-filled honeycomb core.
  • Shelf boards are supported by spike insulators (four) in a floating support configuration.
  • Levels of pole vibration from applied vibration shock
    (Figures are from tests on a speaker stand)


  • Excellent load-bearing capacity.
    (100kg per shelf, 400kg for the entire rack)
  • Shelf board surfaces are finished with sliced natural wood (white oak) veneer, which is gentle in sound as well as visual terms.


  • Poles: Steel pipe filled with cast iron powder.
  • Shelf boards: five-layer construction with a cast-iron-powder-filled honeycomb core
    W620 x H27 x D500㎜
  • Holding board: High-density MDF
    W: 620 x H: 18 x D: 500mm
    (for top and middle shelves)
    W: 620 x H: 30 x D: 500mm
    (for bottom shelf)
  • Shelf board support: Spikes and plates
  • Legs: Cast iron spikes and cupped plates


  • Poles: Black matt finish
  • Shelf boards: Sliced natural wood veneer finish
  • Holding boards: High-density MDF
  • Legs: Black