Speaker-based standard to bring out the flavor of large speakers in fullTAOC began from this product. It is exactly the roots of TAOC. In the course of the development of this speaker base, compatibility with the cast iron of audio, high vibration damping characteristics and effectiveness too much of suppression by the longitudinal vibration theory (safe), I learned the importance of the weight and the machining accuracy. Since its launch more than 30 years, we have our patronage to a lot of people. The shape of our ancestors developed in the mind of the "I want to improve the speaker sound of" are immutable.
    • Feature


      ● The material is large speakers and excellent compatibility of high carbon cast iron cast iron will change the vibration damping capacity in the amount of carbon to be contained. In was examined by audition TAOC, it has control to determine the amount of carbon. 

      By setting ●, size to use can sound tuning, the number, of course, also the sound quality will change by changing the speaker-based intervals. You can tune in to the sound and the sound field of their own preferences. 

      ● weight and the machining accuracy required for the sound quality improvement 
      By TAOC speaker-based weight and machining accuracy to support the hold out of the speakers, the sound of turbidity, and improve the mix. 

      ● was derived from the prototype to the audition of shape design a number of shape due to its own longitudinal vibration theory, the conclusion that the vertical vibrator. Is this shape that escape the vibration, drew the speaker original flavor to the full.

      SPB-300DL-B   SPB-300DH-B
      ● external dimensions: W · 100 × H · 140 × D · 300mm 
      ● Weight: 8kg / 1 this 
      ● Finish: Black 
        ● external dimensions: W · 100 × H · 200 × D · 300mm 
      ● Weight: 9.2kg / 1 this 
      ● Finish: Black