Air Phoenix PowercordThe Ultimate in AC Powercord Performance8 Gauge Pure Silver Ohno Single Crystal ConductorsRhodium/Platinum over Tellurium Copper ConnectorsCertificate of Authenticity with Serial NumberAnodized Aluminum Storage CaseHandcrafted in the USA
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      The Air Phoenix Powercord is designed to deliver the ultimate sonic performance from the very finest analog and digital source components. The Air Phoenix Powercord offers a breathtaking sound stage with vividly coherent imaging, neutral tonality, and extremely accurate dynamic response. The Air Phoenix is the quietest yet most dynamic power cord we have ever designed. Behind a lush tapestry of sound is a dead quiet background that allows every nuance of sonic texture and detail to literally dance across the holographic expanse of the sound stage. The Air Phoenix will allow you to hear the rosin on a violin bow as it slides across the strings; the resonance of the copper windings as the felt hammers of a grand piano strike the bass strings, and more.

      The Air Phoenix is hand-built with #8 AWG pure silver Ohno single crystal continuous-cast conductors. Each strand within the lay of the conductors is individually insulated with velocity-matched Teflon dielectrics. The Air Phoenix is 100% protected from invasive EMI and RFI with heavy-gauge silver-plated copper braid shielding. The power cord body is sheathed with static-resistant woven Nomex for maximum durability and optimal flexibility. The Air Phoenix is terminated with the VooDoo PowerPhase ™ Rhodium over platinum-plated Tellurium Copper IEC connector and AC plug with machined aerospace aluminum shell. All of the wire and connectors used to build the Air Phoenix have been treated in our proprietarycold fusion deep-immersion cryogenic process to structurally align and fuse the molecular bond of the conductive alloy crystals for significantly improved linearity, less resistance for lower noise and optimal sonic performance. Available in lengths 3-10ft. Contact us for pricing.

      Optional Connectors:
      PowerPhase 20 amp IEC (120/240v) – Machined Aluminum with Platinum/Rhodium-plated Tellurium Copper Contacts
      PowerPhase Schuko AC Plug (240v)– Machined Aluminum with Platinum /Rhodium-plated Tellurium Copper Contacts
      PowerPhase Australian AU 3112 AC Plug (240v) – Machined Aluminum with Platinum/Rhodium-plated Tellurium Copper Contacts
      Furutech British AC Plug (240v – 13 amp fused)- Rhodium-plated Brass Contacts