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Avatar Powercord

Articulate Imaging
Expanded Soundstage
Enhanced Dynamic Control
High-Current 10 Gauge Copper Conductors
Cryo Treated in Cold Fusion™
Handcrafted in the USA

The Avatar Powercord is designed to be a versatile and cost effective power cord for any mid-fi or high-end audio component. The Avatar Powercord is a high-current design that will enhance the performance of any component with articulate imaging, expanded soundstage and enhanced dynamic control.

The Avatar Powercord is constructed with high capacitance #10 AWG high-purity copper conductors insulated by cross-linked polyethylene dielectric that deliver clean, quiet, stable AC power to budget digital source components, budget DACs, pre-amp/processors, tube and solid state power amps. The Avatar Powercord is built with the cryogenically treated gold-plated PowerPhase™ IEC Connector and AC Plug, which are hand-polished and treated with contact enhancer. The high-purity silver-plated copper conductors are insulated with Teflon dielectric to achieve balanced inductance for improved dynamics, transparency, low frequency control and optimal sonic performance. The power cord body is sheathed with abrasion resistant polyethylene mesh sleeve over a polyethylene jacket for maximum long-life durability and optimal flexibility.

All of the wire and connectors used to build the Avatar Powercord have been cryogenically treated in our cold fusion deep immersion process at -315 degrees Fahrenheit (-192 C) to structurally align and fuse the metallurgical molecular bond of the conductive alloys and metals for lower impedance and significantly less line noise. The Avatar Powercord is available with optional 20 amp IEC and Right-Angle and International type AC connectors. Available in lengths 3-10ft. Contact us for pricing.

Optional Connectors:

PowerPhase Gold-Plated 20 Amp IEC Connector (120/240v)
PowerPhase Gold-Plated C7 IEC Connector (120/240v)
PowerPhase Gold-Plated Schuko AC Plug (240v)
PowerPhase Gold-Plated Australian AC Plug (230v)
British 13 Amp AC Plug (fused 240v)
Neutrik Powercon Connector (120/240v)