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The name A.C.T. is an acronym for ‘Advanced Composite Technology’ – it is a reference to the carbon fibre composite technologies upon which the Wilson Benesch brand was founded and subsequently has become synonymous with. The A.C.T. acronym was used when naming the companies first loudspeaker the A.C.T. One in 1991 and appeared subsequently in the A.C.T. Two, A.C.T. and A.C.T. C60 loudspeakers.

Different finishes might attract extra cost.

The A.C.T. One Evolution therefore follows a long line of speakers, embodying the heritage of the Wilson Benesch brand and a now classic A.C.T. design. The characteristic sloping, curved A.C.T. top that was revolutionary in the original design remains, but like the C60 before it, the top is now manufactured from carbon fibre. Similar physical proportions have been retained, however the A.C.T. One Evolution has departed entirely from the traditional drive unit topology used in the previous iterations of the design. The new A.C.T. One Evolution incorporates the Troika System which has been taken directly from the flagship Cardinal loudspeaker.

This revolutionary new drive unit topology, combined with the latest State-of-the-Art Wilson Benesch drive technology sets the design apart from the A.C.T. designs which precede it.

When distilled, the constituent parts of the A.C.T. One Evolution are a bold a statement of the expert engineering, manufacturing and craftsmanship that now pertains at Wilson Benesch. Taken as a whole, the A.C.T. One Evolution, with its characteristic foot design, drive technology and alloy baffle, is a pure Geometry Series thoroughbred.

Wilson Benesch A.C.T. One Evolution Specifications

Sensitivity: 89dB

Impedance: 6 Ohms Nom. / 4 Ohms. Min

Frequency Response: 34Hz – 30kHz

Recommended Power: 50

Dimensions: 119cm (47”) H x 22.5cm (9”) W x 40cm (16”) D

Air Volume: 46 litres

Weight: 46kg (101lbs)