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Sound Gallery is a hifi specialist store located in Melbourne servicing Australian and International customers. With 20 years of experience in R&D, studio remastering and psycho-acoustics showcasing premium hi-fi systems. When you are passionate about music, let us help you find the perfect system tailored to your needs and lifestyle. 


Since our founding, Sound Gallery has been known for quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. No matter what service you’re looking for, we guarantee to not only meet, but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction. 


The Square Five is a two-way electrical, four-way acoustical floorstanding loudspeaker and the first new design to emerge since the release of the ground breaking Cardinal Flagship project last year.

Like the Cardinal, the Square Five sees the Troika System implemented for a beautifully seamless, natural and coherent integration of mid and high frequency drivers never seen before at this price point. Mid-range accuracy is achieved with precision matched drive units deployed either side of the Square Five’s Scanspeak tweeter, the same unit seen in the Chimera, which sits at the perfect acoustic center of the Troika arrangement.

At the rear of the Square Five cabinet, a unique, high energy loss diaphragm effectively deals with out of phase energy to improve dynamics and perfectly damp the exuberant capabilities of the world renowned Wilson Benesch Tactic drive unit. The design of the Square Five allows the amplifier direct control and perfect harmony with respect to driver cone dynamics. The absence of any filter components on the mid drivers ensures a transparent performance, free from phase distortions or colorations brought about by even the most expensive crossover components available. The resulting sound is closer to the real world signal than any other known passive solution.

The Square Five packs a sonic punch and will appeal to discerning high end listeners who appreciate a natural, balanced and sincere sound reproduction. A variety of noise defeating systems are deployed in the cabinet to achieve vanishingly low levels of noise and coloration, enabling long periods of listening without fatigue or desire to “crank the volume” in pursuit of detail retrieval.

Situated at the Square Five’s foundation is the Isobaric Module, a high precision alloy monolith hewn from a 15 kilogram slab of aluminium alloy. This subsystem delivers a multiple number of key functions that are structural as well as acoustic. Referenced to the ground via 14 millimetre precision turned spikes, taken from the ACT C60 shelf, the uncompromising design dictates to two powerful Wilson Benesch Tactic bass drive units. The Square Five’s lightning quick, isobaric bass unit integrates seamlessly with the Troika system to create an exceptionally cohesive, coherent sound field that is free of all phase distortions commonly found in competing designs.

Why invest in a high-volume, conventional design with common componentry, when you can enjoy real high end performance and innovation in a precision engineered, hand built product for the same price?

WILSON BENESCH Square Five MKII Specifications

Description: 2.5-Way, Ported Enclosure with Mid & Bass Assisted Bass Radiators. Internally braced & damped with Carbon Fibre Ribs & Critical Mass Damping Pads

Drive Units: 2 x 170mm (7in) Wilson Benesch Isobaric Tactic Drive Unit, 1 x 170mm (7in) Wilson Benesch Bass Unit, 1 x 170mm (7in) Wilson Benesch Mid Range Unit, 1 x 25mm (1in) Soft Dome Hand painted Silk, Ultra Linear Wilson Benesch Specific Tweeter.

Low frequency loading: Assisted Bass Radiator, Bass Port.

Frequency response: 34Hz to 24Khz

Sensitivity: 87dB spl at 1 metre on axis. 2.83V Input.

Impedence: 6 Ohms nominal, 4 Ohms minimum

Crossover: First order bass roll-off , Second order tweeter crossover, Selected polypropylene capacitors and air cored inductors are used throughout.

Crossover Frequencies: 500Hz / 5kHz

Internal wiring: Multi-stranded, silver plated copper, PTFE jacketed cable harnesses. Soldered connections throughout. Short path PCB design.

Input connections: Links supplied for single or bi-wire application. Bi-wireable, in-house machined rhodium plated copper alloy terminals.

Power handling: 200W peak unclipped program.

Dimensions: 1115mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 255mm (D)

Weight: 47kg


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