The Torus is a paradigm shift in our expectations of low frequency sound. Recognised as one of the most important developments in High End audio, it has been bestowed with awards from across the world year on year.

    In every way it is another Landmark design that has huge potential for further development for the company. The versatility of the design lends itself to a wide variety of systems where dynamic control and critical frequency response are key parameters.
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      One of the most exciting facets of this design is just how alive the primary loudspeakers become when the Torus is added to the equation.

      The Torus Infrasonic Generator is completely original in thought and execution and manufactured by Wilson Benesch in Sheffield. The finest materials in the world have been designed into this product, materials technologies that you will not find in any other audio product.

      To date, all audio designers attempting to create low frequency sound have produced a variable of the ubiquitous Subwoofer. In reality, the only option available to the consumer, has been to opt for brand A’s version of the collection of parts, as opposed to brand B’s version. As competition has grown, the variables have changed. Bigger amplifiers to drive more in-efficient woofers or different cabinet materials, essentially they have remained the same.

      After three years of research and development, the Torus System can be seen to offer a significant departure from the Subwoofer solution for developing infrasonic sound. This product is so different, that it clearly demonstrates the fundamental flaws in the design of the Subwoofer and provides a real alternative for Music and Cinema effects.