KEF LS50 New Owners Promotion

Dear recent LS50 Wireless owners, 

Thank you for registering your LS50 Wireless to redeem your HUGO BOSS leather bag. 


As an owner of the LS50 Wireless, we have a special offer for you to enhance your LS50 Wireless experience. Until the end of this month we are offering you the KEF Kube subwoofer for HALF PRICE. 

If you've missed the chance at last month's LS50 Hugo Boss Leather bag promotion, this is a chance to grab September's KEF Kube subwoofer for half price!

Although the LS50 Wireless sound amazing already, there is an option to extend that lower frequency by adding on a subwoofer for movies or music. I’ve googled some discussions/reviews that I have found online with people adding the subwoofer to their LS50 Wireless.



Digital Trends "The sub gives more gravity to cinematic content”

Head-Fi "I said that KEF LS50W may not need a subwoofer, but once added, I can't imagine not having it”


Audiogon “Integrating the sub with the speakers, the results were impressive. The sub has blended and disappeared very well. The biggest benefit is that I can listen at a lower volume and still get a very satisfying experience."





Kube 8” Was $895 now $447.50


Kube 10” Was $1,195 now $597.50


Kube 12” Was $1,395 now $697.50




Entry level Turntable

Oracle Turntable, Origine is perfect for those who is thinking of jumping into analogue playback. The turntable comes with a tonearm, and for the first TWO buyers will get a free cartridge valued at $200.

Call us today at 03 9578 8658 to audition or for more info.

Goldnote Valore 425 Lite

Perfect for those who are new to turntables, or just wanting an update.

This Italian made turntable is now on specials.

Just for a limited time you will get 2 free gifts,

AND for the FIRST 3 customers, you get an EXTRA free gift!


Call us, Email us or Come instore to check it out today.

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